Customizable - Durable High Performance Gait Response 

Over 2000 amputations occur every day around the world. The cost of amputee care, prosthetic hardware and the existing paradigm where there is a challenge to access effective prosthetic solutions, necessitates the development of new technologies to meet the needs of new and existing amputees. Innovation, drive and creativity can accelerate and empower a paradigm shift to improve the mobility of millions of people around the world. We work on being effective participants in the process of change.

Livity and our community are developing and evaluating new prosthetic options that are advanced, affordable, high performance and cool.  

Livity 3D: Printed Articulated Prosthetic Foot

We are beta-testing the Livity Foot™ which integrates 3d carbon fiber, printed metal, nylon and elastic polymers. Torsional resistive mechanical couplings, tension and compression elements within the prosthesis are designed to improve stability, and loading responses during collision, walking on uneven terrain, stairs, slopes, and when walking backwards. Coupling alignment can be re-configured to modify effective foot morphology and ankle/foot biomechanics. The Livity Foot™ development was initiated to provide advanced function, within a highly durable and inexpensive prosthesis for active amputees. Evaluations are now taking place in Kingston, Jamaica and Colorado, USA.