Advancing human-machine interfaces, mobility robotics, prosthetics and exoskeletons  on a planet with a human population approaching 8 billion (620 million over 65), and a declining population of less than 300,000 whales, less than a million sea turtles, less than 500, 000 great apes, to name a few; creates new opportunities for environmentally responsible innovation, positive ecological impacts and economic developments. Committed to the ongoing process of sourcing raw materials sustainably, we aim to minimize and mitigate the effects of pollution in our production and distribution chain. With your help we will continuously reduce our emissions and develop reusable/biodegradable hardware.
We are committed to 1) Purchasing products and services that cause minimal adverse environmental impacts; 2) Appropriately refurbishing, recycling and disposing EOL hardware; 3) Intelligently integrating bioplastics, biomaterials and composites; 4) Planting trees every year to offset our footprint; and 5) Being good neighbors to the Community.

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