Pilot Studies

Augmented Reality and State Estimation 

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Trunk Exo Origin story


The Livity Trunk Exoskeleton
Neuromuscular disorders, Back injuries, prolonged static and seated postures, and decreased physical activity contribute to structural changes in the spine, impaired control of spinal movement, and decreased mobility. We are developing an adaptive intelligent spinal exoskeleton for improving the mobility, while safely reducing the onset of and relieving Low Back Pain in persons with spinal impairment and industrial labor. The device enables efficient and coordinated (un) loaded movement. 

Prototype pilot studies confirm that the modular spinal exoskeleton integrating biomimetic human-machine interfaces, utilizes biomechanical simulation, and distributed control/sensing algorithms can provide significant health benefits for a wide range of wearers.

Longer-term evaluations are being performed in Colorado and Wyoming.